Banned for perceived 'hp hack' misunderstanding.

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Banned for perceived 'hp hack' misunderstanding.

Post  sevigny on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:46 pm

Banned June 13, 2014 by [LoCa]Pizza[bT] for hp hack. I have screenshot of event but can't seem to upload.

I have been playing games online for 14 years and have never cheated or hacked. During the many months playing on this server I received 1 warning one time by Killswitch for saying the word 'ass.' I never cheated or hacked on this server or any other ever.
Just before getting banned I was complaining because Pizza gave 2million to everyone when there is really nothing to buy. I was frustrated because I have 240million and can't even buy a car.
At the time of the ban I was having lag issues and wasn't spawning at my house, but rather at my teams hq. I couldn't teleport anywhere and server commands in general weren't working. Normally I would just quit and rejoin but then 'Uncleweed' showed up and started killing me as I just stood there. For some reason when he killed me it didn't show up as a kill. He killed me over and over and it wasn't showing up. Then Pizza came and saw this and thought it was a hp hack and banned me. I wasn't warned, I explained that I was lagging and that I don't hack, but he still banned me. If Pizza didn't like me complaining why didn't he just warn me. My guess is he didn't like me complaining and saw that I was having lag issues and used it as an excuse to ban me. I would like to think it was a misunderstanding but it happened right after I was complaining about nothing to buy.
I have also posted in regards to this incident in the Complaints and PLayer Reports thread. There you can see a screenshot I took at the moment after I was banned.
I love this server and shouldn't have complained. Won't happen again. Please unban.  Sad

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