Banned without warning for spawn problem.

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Banned without warning for spawn problem.

Post  sevigny on Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:21 am

As you can see in this screenshot, I was spawning at my teams HQ. However, I have a house and should have been spawning there. At the time I was also experiencing problems with entering server commands in general, like teleporting and spawning vehicles, which were unresponsive. I was about to leave and rejoin, as I normally do when encountering these problems, when a player named Uncleweed showed up and started shooting me. When I died I respawned, but it didn't show the death in the main window. Immediately Uncleweed asked for an admin and said I was hacking. Then administrator Pizza showed up and killed me a few times and again none of these kills showed up in the main window. I tried to explain that I was experiencing a problem and that I wasn't hacking. Then, without warning or asking for an explanation, Pizza banned me saying I was using hp hack. I have also posted a more detailed description of this event in the Ban Appeals thread.
I am not a cheater or a hacker and never have been. I intend to fight this decision by Pizza because people who play fair and respect each other shouldn't be punished for it. I believe that by letting Pizza's decision stand you will be sending the wrong message to everybody who tries to play by the rules, like me.

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